because. (Demo)

by Placement

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An angsty EP we wrote in Brett's garage.


released February 4, 2016

All songs written, recorded and produced by Placement.
Mixed/Mastered/Engineered by Placement.
Recorded in Joe's basement.

Lyrics written by Drue Bernal & Joe Schipano

Placement is:
Drue Bernal - Drums
Brett Savage - Bass
Joe Schipano - Guitar/Vocals

A huge thank you to all the bands/friends we've played with and that have helped us get out there more: Mental Pause, The Participants, Saneless and Eyes of Lilith.




Placement Warren, Massachusetts

Alternative band from Western Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Oregon Trail (Demo)
Don't let me drown,
'Cause I can't keep my head above the water.
With this anchor tied around my leg,
And a noose around my neck.

All my past regrets circle me like sharks
And my bleeding just attracts them all.
"But don't you worry I'll be just fine."
As my heads sinks below the surface.

And I hate to say "I told you so,"
But I can't hold it back anymore.
And I hate to have to let you know,
But it's all become too much to bear.

Four years down the hole.
My bones are so cold,
From all the time spent on the road.
These years haven't been too kind,
And I can't look you in the eye.

While I spend this time alone in my head,
I realize coming back is what i dread.
But this bearing wasteland takes what it can grab,
And right now its pulling at my scab,

These yellow lines along the road,
Year after year they corrode.
I am so young, how could my heart be so cold?
I feel so old.

This anchor tied around my leg is dragging me down.
As I sink deeper into depths of this deserted ocean,
I'm Cutting all Ties to emotion.

I'll find a way to fight again.
'Cause I never want to feel this way again.
Track Name: Letting My Guard Down (Demo)
I bite my lips
Waiting anxiously
I've seen that look before
I know it all too well - disappointment

Leaving destruction in my life
Wherever my grip gets too strong
Always learning to love
Never learning to let go (let go)

You kicked me to the curb
But I always came back
Thought I needed you
I never needed you

I don't need you
Track Name: I'm Fine (Demo)
When you found me, I was in ruins
You fixed me and built me back up tall
You made me feel like I was back at home
Made it feel like you were worth the fall

But now you've turned your back on me
I feel you tearing at my walls, my security
I've done everything I can to make you see
That who you are now is killing me

I'm getting tired of saying these words
Getting tired of lying to your face
Getting tired of everything you do and say
Getting tired of repeating this phrase

Saying that "I'm fine, I'm alright and I'm okay" I didn't need you here anyway
The things you do and the things you say are killing me
Track Name: Downcast (Demo)
Don't know if you're ready for what I'm about to do.
I can't hold this chip on my shoulder anymore.
Don't get me wrong, I still love to do this.
I just feel like I'm out of breath, screaming myself to death.

I hate it here more than anything.
You came and you took everything.
Now there's nothing left to think,
If you'd listen to me, I could let you in.
Now there's nothing left to say
If I let you in you'd take everything I love

I know I wasn't what you wanted,
And that I wasn't plotted.
But you could've shown some appreciation.
(Some appreciation.)

And you said you couldn't do this.
And I said that we'd get through this.
I'm asking too much, it's true.
I just can't seem to get through to you.

I can't be on my own,
But this place is not my home.
All to well do I know the sting,
I hate it more than anything, it's true.

I hate it more than anything, except you