Lost In Place

by Placement

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released December 30, 2016

Recorded in Etch Lab Studios in Northampton, MA
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Engineered by Eric Snapper
Produced by Placement and Eric Snapper

Music and lyrics by Placement

Placement is:
Drue Bernal - Drums
Jimmy Madden - Guitar/Vocals
Brett Savage - Bass/Vocals
Joe Schipano - Guitar/Vocals




Placement Warren, Massachusetts

Alternative band from Western Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Lights
I was sitting in my car alone.
Decided to turn on the radio.
Found a shitty station between
the constant static drone.

The song that played relayed the theme
of getting too drunk.
Blacking out and waking up in an apartment
all alone.

I've realized that I can't lie to myself anymore.
I can't relate, I hate to say, to the message of
these songs.
It's all because I deny the one thought that won't
leave my mind:
Am I guilty of this crime?

Maybe I can take some time
to figure all of this out.
Take a trip to the west coast
see what all the hype's about.

Time heals all wounds but still leaves scars.
Who knew after everything it would all just
fall apart.

My mind is playing tricks on me.
All the things that are real don't seem so real
to me.
When the nighttime comes to end,
I might just try to live again, but everything I
love is gone.

All the thoughts that I can think.
All the booze that I can drink.
I can't deny the fact that nothing
brings you back.

And All I can do is live the life you
never got a chance to.
Track Name: A-Street
Get ready it's time for war.
I don't wanna fucking lose control.
I dug myself too deep this time.
I can't get out.

And there's a place down here
I call my home.
There's no church on A-Street,
that much I know.

And I don't want this.
And I don't need this.
So why am I here?
Cause I can't leave.
Get down before you hit the floor.
Because nobody helps you anymore.
There's no second chances here this time.
I can't get out.

It's all back again.
My mind's ready to attack again.
Some things are meant to be,
It's not my fault.

And I'd rather have a bleeding heart
than have no heart at all.
Track Name: Cowboy Killers
I found a half-pack of Marlboro lites
On the passenger seat of my old sedan
I'm not sure, but I think they must be yours.
But I don't think you're gonna miss them where you are.

I've been thinking a lot of smoking as of recent and I never really had the lungs for it. But I just need something to make sure that I'm still breathing, make sure I can still feel anything.
I guess I still have the songs and the stories on 'No Closer to Heaven.' They make me feel unusually warm through this harsh New England winter.

And ain't it a shame
that I had to turn out this way?
And my heart fucking aches.
I haven't seen you in months.

I'd give anything to see your face and I know you'd give anything to know that I'm at ease. That I'm at peace and that I can breathe. Another day, another way for me to see you needed me.
The crushing stress that's on my chest, it brings me to my knees. I've never been a man of god, but I find myself begging him please.

I'm not sure how I'll get through this winter,
Without the help from your cowboy killers.

If I promise to live to see another day, then promise me that I can have this space to breathe because the guilt is crushing me.
Track Name: Half-Measures
You told me that everything you'd ever done
Was the product of the person I've become,

I did not say what I wanted to say.
That I wasn't the reason you ended up this way.
That nobody else could ever want you to stay
More than I wanted you to, but on that day,

I experienced something that I had never felt
Prior to reading the cards I'd been dealt,

It was freedom.

The freedom to feel,
And the freedom to think,
And the freedom to accept
Anything that I do or do not want to.

And this sinking feeling.
And this lump in my throat.
It's a sign of something,
With which I do not want to cope.

And when you told me that everything you'd ever done
Was the product of the person I've become,
I did not say what I wanted to say
I simply said "I'm Sorry."

I believe that everyone deserves to be free of the weight that holds them down.
Free of the chains that hold them back.
Track Name: Daydream
It's colder outside than I dressed for,
But lately it just doesn't seem to phase me.
Because I know when I'm alone here,
I drift off and always start to daydream.

These will be the best years
Of my presumably short life.
Like some kind of poetic justice
I have to grow to understand.

Is this the way it's supposed to be?
Not sure if much has changed between you and me.
The clouds have cleared and I can finally see.
Try as I might, this will get the best of me.

Though I know that I should be inside now.
Because these winter nights can get to be so cold,
It's probably something I should care about,
But this life I'm living is getting too old.

I need something from the future
To distract me from my present.