Split 2017

by Placement

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released August 9, 2017

Recorded at In-Between Recordings in Beltchertown, MA
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Engineered by Jordan Cloutier
Produced by Placement and Jordan Cloutier

Music and lyrics by Drue Bernal & Joe Schipano

Placement is:
Drue Bernal - Drums
Jimmy Madden - Guitar/Vocals
Brett Savage - Bass
Joe Schipano - Guitar/Vocals

Huge thanks to all of the friends we've made and the bands we've played with: Eyes of Lilith, The Days Ahead, Glass Half Empty, watermedown, Light It Up, Humans and Us, Saline and many more. Thank you to promoters who have booked us, took chances on us and continue to book us, the scene wouldn't be the same without you guys. And of course thank you to all of our friends and family.




Placement Warren, Massachusetts

Alternative band from Western Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Brother Tim (Gotcha Good)
Hey set me free
And it's amazing
What you can see with brand new eyes.

And won't you please
Sit next to me
And tell me why we have to believe.

Pick apart my mind.
Pull out your blade with the shine; cut me open.
Dissect my frontal lobe for your amusement.
Pick apart the pieces that make me, me,
So I can see how you see.

I'm not sure what you expect to find.
I keep no secrets in the corners of my mind.
You can cut my tongue out of my head
Not sure what you expect to find.
You might make me mute, but I'm not blind.

They'll rip you to shreds, like dogs in a pen,
But you know that, don't you kid?
I cannot be what you want me to be cause there's a world I need to see.
Track Name: Incandescent / Self-Esteem
I smile at you and you force a mirror image.
I can tell.
As I walk away, the corners of my mouth weigh tons
And I realize all is lost.

And I pray to a God who's never answered me before.
That this feigned attraction is only in my head.
You can cut my heart out of my chest, you can keep it. I need it less.
Her body's rejecting the transplant again.

Well I guess it's better off this way.
Now I can keep my worries at bay.
Like what happens when I can't be what you need.
I guess we'll never know.

And finding a safe place to breathe,
So I can fix my self esteem,
Is all I'll ever really need.
Track Name: Celestial
The memories seem to repeat,
Inside this big glass ball.
Gather 'round and take a seat,
There's enough room for you all.

Some will say it's a tough feat,
and I won't disagree.
Close your eyes and dream a dream
So big it's bursting at the seams.

Oh please, it's not for me.
It's for you.
Oh please, I'm trying to believe
In you.

Let your imagination run wild,
Let your attention span run free.
Like when you were just child.
Close your eyes and you will see.

The "outside" is not that rough, I thought that you should know.
I've been here long enough, it's time for me to go.

Let your imagination run wild,
Let your attention span run free.
Close your eyes and dream a dream
So big it's bursting at the seams.